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White Pepper

White pepper is a type of spice that has a spicy flavor and has a white color. White pepper is usually sold in the form of raw granules or has been crushed. White pepper has a warm and spicy effect when consumed. White pepper is the right choice in a variety of cuisines in Indonesia.

White pepper has anti-inflammatory properties where these properties are good for relieving pain in joints due to arthritis. In addition, white pepper is claimed to be able to help burn fat in the body so it is good for a slimming diet program. White pepper also helps relieve headaches because it has capcaicin compounds in it. White pepper is also able to relieve itching in cough pain and help form natural antibiotics to kill bacteria that cause coughing. Other properties are white pepper both to maintain blood pressure stability, maintain heart health, and as a natural antioxidant.

We sell white pepper with two grades, namely:
1. Gl550 Up After Blower
2. Gl 550 Up After Blower and Separator
Our products have superior quality and quality so they can be relied on for various purposes.